Monday, February 8, 2010

A Los Angeles Fete!

This past summer Heather & Carol traveled to Los Angeles to photograph the fabulous wedding of Claire & Ben at their beautiful home in the hills. Here is a snippet of photos and a nice note that Claire wrote about her photography experience:

Hiring Heather and Carol was one of the smartest decisions that we made in arranging our wedding. After investing all the time and resources to make the night dreamy and perfect, I found everything happened in a heart-racing blur of moments. Heather and Carol's magical photography captured every minute of the event and allowed me to slow down and revisit the day later as an omniscient guest wearing the rosiest of glasses. I wouldn't have thought I was the kind of person who would replay a slideshow over and over, but that should be a testament to how good these ladies are. I welcomed their presence as they are absolutely cool and kind and easy to be around. Then they disappeared into the crowd of family and friends when needed. You can't go wrong with Heather and Carol. Period.

Click here to see more images from the highlight slideshow.